Stripe Report

You can see a full breakdown of all Stripe transactions within the Reports section in Lynkpay Portal. The report is exportable as a .CSV file.

Stripe Sign-Up

stripe logo
For your drivers to take in- car payments Stripe sign-up is required. Click on the Stripe logo at the top of the main portal page and you will be directed straight to the Stripe sign-up page. Enter the required company details and your Stripe account will be instantly live.

Our Stripe Express accounts ensure that we (Lynkpay Ltd) collect the money on behalf of your drivers, and you, (the subsidiary) then receive payments from us. You can choose to be paid daily or weekly into your bank account. This model allows us to charge a fixed fee to the passenger to help cover your Stripe costs, our data shows that

Once signed up, the logo becomes a direct link to Stripe so that you can manage your account.

why we use stripe

Stripe payment methods