We Give The Best Price

1 - 250 Drivrers New Pricing from 1st April 2024

£249 + /vat Per Month

251 – 500 Drivers New pricing from 1st April 2024

£349 + /vat Per month

501-1000 DriversNew pricing from 1st April 2024

£449+/vat Per Month

256-bit AES

Bank-level encryption is 256-bit AES, or advanced encryption standard

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  • We Give the Best Price
  • Stripe /Visa/Mastercard Fee’s
  • Lynkpay Fee's 2023
Our pricing is simple and clear for all taxi operators, there is a basic onboarding fee which allows Lynkpay to set up and allocate up-to 4-6 hours. our Onboarding team to cover API integrations with also day to day use plus lots of smart logical advice on how to pay driver daily / weekly and clearing your account side.

Based on fleet size, Lynkpay has a monthly service subscription, if you have a multi company then speak to our sales team to advice on these possible costs.

What is charged from Stripe:  

Category:                    Processing Rate:                     Additional details

Connect pay-out         £0.05P                                     

Connect Volume         0.19%

 Instant Pay-outs         0.75%

 Bacs DD                       0.3% per transaction

  • Capped at £2

 Radar                          £0.02P Per online transaction

 Dispute fee                 £15.00 Per dispute                   

Stripe costs: 

Fee:                 Gateway Charge:


UK Debit /Credit Consumer                1.2%                12p

Business Credit                                   2%                   12p                                                                 

Visa Platinum /Infinite                        2.5%                12p

Fee:                 Gateway Charge:

Master Card

Mastercard Consumer Credit             1.2%                12p

Mastercard Consumer                        1.2%                12p

Debit Mastercard Consumer

Prepaid Debit

Mastercard Consumer

Maestro Consumer                             1.2%                12p

Maestro Consumer Prepaid              1.2%                12p

Mastercard Business                           2%                   12P

Mastercard Professional Card            2%                   12P

Mastercard Prepaid Commercial       2%                   12P

View Pricing: Onboarding

Lynkpay Dispersal / Passenger Platform 

Fee: Once off: £495 + vat (Per site) 

Lynkpay SMS / Stripe /Twilio 

Fee: Once off: £249 + Vat (Per site) Lynkpay SMS / Stripe /Twilio

Lynkpay Subscription:

The other requirements will be monthly service subscriptions based on Live Taxi licences” we have on our server”.

1-250 Drivers = £229pm + vat

251 -1000 Drivers = £329pm + vat

1001 – 1500 Drivers = £429pm + vat

Yearly RPI price increase will be adjusted on each facial year.

The UK tax year starts on 6th April of one particular year and will run until 5th April of the next year.

 What about cost of payments?

Open Banking services:

 Lynkpay FPS (Faster payment)

This will be set for each client based on size and term*

Min cost: £0.50p

£1.00p is charged for additional Driver weekly or additional driver requested Payments.

The operator will receive a £0.30p credit on all completed payments.

Lynkpay PISP:

Min cost: £0.50p

Compliance: KYB/KYC:

Lynkpay Ltd ( FCA Modulr Compiance ).

There is a yearly KYB for each independent company for which Lynkpay Ltd. has live banking services:

The charge will be set: £395.00 per site /per client Ltd site.

Each client will be notified on each proposal basis as terms for company structure are applied.

Lynkpay SMS Payment service.  There is a passenger fee £0.50p on the fare and this will be split 50/50 from the stripe services.

Lynkpay -Prepaid Service

Min Charge on Stripe £0.50p

Lynkpay cover fee is £0.25P

How can operators add additional surcharge fee?

Lynkpay Prepaid has a sliding surcharge within the platform and operators can create charging levels above the min fee.

All surcharge in the sliding service will be 50/50 split on fee's chargeable to passengers. 

Example : Slide Surcharges

Passenger pays a Airport journey pick up : £50.00 meter fare and a £2.00 sc, the min fee £0.20p is taken and the remaining £1.80 is split 50/50 

Apple /Google Payment services or Card Processing Fee’s from Visa /Mastercard Network*