LynkPay Software

Lynkpay software platform has been designed for consumer payments. Designed with innovative banking integration via API’s and payment gateway systems. The team has built a new payment platform to allow clients the next generation of banking payment systems. Ecommerce is now a fact of life. Whether buying groceries with one click on Amazon or ordering a taxi on your phone with Uber, customers around the world increasingly rely on the convenience of online services. In the banking sector, innovative services based on open data are cropping up too.

Mobile App

Designed by our industry-leading team and design UI Team. Making it as easy as possible for customers to pay for essential transportation service.

Custom Operations

LynkPay released within the UK's transportation Taxi sector with consumer usability and ease in payment process as essential elements. Integration with your Taxi dispatch software e.g. Autocab. API integration and operations with your bank and other 3rd party business management software systems.

Sub Companies

Lynkpay can offer a single based company or a multi-company a single set up or Multi management set up. The team can help you navigate your business individual required integration and flow on customer payments via our powerful control portal software.


Built around Banking Api and Taxi dispatch Software Partner APIs. Fintech APIs enable the data aggregation of tomorrow. Banks are using APIs to open up their infrastructure to third parties. API platforms are the hooks and software used by developers to build applications and integrations that connect to other firms' technology.

SMS Link

You can send customers a link to initiate payments via SMS, email invoice or even through a QR code used at point of sale. There’s plenty of opportunities for payments innovation based on your business requirements. Using SMS to engange with cosumers and offer the platfrom for payment. Taxi Journey or other Services eg. Prepaid Health services or E-commerce.