How a Driver uses the LynkPay QR App for in-car payments

The QR App default page is the Code Generator, simply enter the amount required to pay and hit generate. The passenger has the option to scan an in-car sticker and then enter the unique 4-digit code or simply scan the QR on the driver’s device to make the payment.
The Lynkpay service charge is automatically added to the price. A full list of transactions is displayed inside the Qr App and an email receipt is also sent directly to the driver on every payment taken.

Multiple UK bank accounts can also be added so that drivers can pay out to wherever they choose to. Just select the required amount and bank then press Cash-Out.

How a passenger completes the payment

The taxi driver generates a unique QR code on their mobile phone for the value of the journey.

In Car Payments via SMS

When you swipe to turn the meter on, Lynkpay sends an SMS to your passenger’s mobile informing them that they can pay with Apple/Google or card entry at the end of the journey.

Once the passenger confirms, your job will then change from cash to E Payment.

When you swipe to confirm the meter price, a second message will be sent to the customer and they will open the payment page on their own phone.

When the payment is complete you will receive notification and your Driver app will automatically clear down for your next job.

The passenger scans the Qr code with their mobile phone and completes payment using Apple pay, Google Pay or Card entry.

Once the payment is completed, both phones (driver & passenger) will receive a Payment Successful notification.