How It Works

LynkPay Demonstration

– The driver selects a job via ghost system.  

– Once the job is accepted the customer will receive a notification. 

– The Customer is asked if they would like to complete their booking via LynkPay

– They are reminded that the price of the journey is sent at the end of the trip.

– The Booking is then confirmed and the journey then continues as normal.

– With the driver using the ghost system to collect and finally drop off the customer as normal.

LynkPay System Demo

Customer Notified

– Once the fare is been entered, it’s back to the customers phone.

– The customer confirms the payment.  

– Then the customer finds their bank from the list.

– The amount is confirmed and a notification informing them of a ‘secure redirect’ to their bank is shown.  

– Once the customer securely logs into the bank.

– They can then choose which account to pay from.

Back To The Driver's Phone

– Finally, a quick payment summary is shown. 

– Once the customer taps continue the payment is confirmed.  

– The payment is then verified from within LynkPay.

– Then that is it! The customer has paid and completed their LynkPay experience. 

– The driver will receive a confirmation that the payment has been authorised. 

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