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The Future of Mobile Payment Technology



The Future of Mobile Payment Technology

Our Software / Banking industry expertise within Driverspay Fusion has brought our next step in our payment offering ecosystem. Now the team can offer consumer payments and integrate on multi-platform consumer front end systems.

Fusion control for automation operational control with seamless consumer payment platform.


Designed UI and API for the Taxi Sector customer payments.
Operators Control
Driver Payments made simple and seamless
Consumer Control for Journey Payments made from within their own smart mobile device.
3D Secure / In-bank payment gateway SSL
Banking UK partners / US partners
No Hardware required from banks - Chip/pin devices (saving thousands) capital equipment deployment
Reduce fraudulent payments and banking claw backs - save time and keep stress free.

In a time of new alternative payment methods, prepaid cards remain an essential and enduring payment method. The benefits of prepaid cards are as vital and relevant as ever. Prepaid cards deliver concrete value for Taxi Drivers.

No Credit Checks
Next Day Payments
Easy Cash Withdrawal
Fuel expenses
Portal system control

One Flat Rate £0.40p​.

LynkPay Software has been designed for consumer payments.
Speak to our team on commercial % and app rates.

A mobile application, also referred to as a mobile app or simply an app, is a computer program or software application designed to run on a mobile device such as a phone, tablet, or watch.

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SMS Link
SMS Link

Customer Control

Designed to allow customer to be in total control of their payments. No more hassel looking for card details or even typing out long card numbers with CV2 security.

Customer Control

Keep passwords to yourself - With Open Banking, you’re never asked to share your password or login details with anyone other than your own bank or building society. Safe. Secure. Simple.

Easy Payments

Making the payment process easy for customer and service providers. Instant payments from customers and account managemt within the portal management software.

Easy Payments

Reduce time spent on bookkeeping tasks as everything is already in the system. Eliminating Data Entry Avoiding a huge backlog of invoices and receipts...

No Hardware

The payment platform without the card or card reader! 100% Secure and no more banking chargebacks. Say goodbye to card readers and high capital equipment costs.

No Hardware

LynkPay software uses APIs to deliver fast and fast and secure data transfer. Unlike the screen scraping method dependent on you sharing your login details with an app...


Consumer Mobile Experience

More Efficient | Happier Customers | Better Business


Fusion Portal

Super control within our portal - built around your business operations.


Prepaid Cards

The Benefits of Prepaid Cards for Drivers

In a time of new alternative payment methods, prepaid cards remain an essential and enduring payment method. The benefits of prepaid cards are as vital and relevant as ever. Prepaid cards deliver concrete value for Taxi Drivers.

LynkPay System Demo

How It Works

LynkPay Demonstration

The Benefits of Prepaid Cards for Drivers

Learn more about how our system works and follow the stages through the payment process.

Mobile App


Access The latest

Innovation In Payments

We’re at the forefront of cutting-edge industry initiatives to make the latest innovations available to our customers.

LynkPay Software

Lynkpay software platform has been designed for consumer payments. Designed with innovative banking integration via API’s and Payment gateway systems.

LynkPay Software

The team has built a new payment platfrom to allow clients the next generation of banking payment systems. Ecommerce is now a fact of life...


Built around Banking API and Taxi dispatch Software Partner APIs, our API will completely streamline the payment process for your customers, giving them peace of mind.


What is a Banking API? Fintech APIs enable the data aggregation of tomorrow. Banks are using APIs to open up their infrastructure to third parties. API platforms are the hooks...

Custom Operations

LynkPay released within the UK's transportation Taxi sector with consumer useablity and ease in payment process as essential elements.

Custom Operations

Integration with your Taxi dispatch software e.g. Autocab. API integration and operations with you bank and other 3rd party business management software systems.

Mobile App

Designed by our industry leading team and design UI Team. Our Mobile Application makes it as easy as possible for customers to pay for essential transportation service.

Mobile App

Delivers a Seamless UI to be presented to your customers which improves the customer Experience. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Provide Reassurances on Security and Privacy.

Sub Companies

Lynkpay can offer a single based company or a multi company a single set up or Multi management set up depending on your comany's requirements.

Sub Companies

The team can help you navigate your business' individual required integration and flow on customer payments via our powerful LynkPay control portal software.

SMS Link

You can send customers a link to initiate payments via SMS, email invoice through a QR code.There’s plenty of opportunities for payments innovation based on your business requirements

SMS Link

Using SMS to engage with customers and offer the platform for payment for Taxi journies or other Services for example, Pre-paid Health services or E-commerce.


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Prepaid Cards

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Waqas Yaqub

Brilliant service from a brilliant company always on hand to help with any issues fast install three brilliant guys behind a brilliant product. Keep up the good work guys.

Adam Stanton

The guys at Driverspay have been nothing but great to me. If I have had any queries they have been dealt with straight away. The product itself has been great and helped me organise and deal finance issues perfectly! Highly recommend!


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Lee Kerr
Managing Director - Co-Founder
Mike Tyers
Operational Director - Co-Founder
Andy Baxter
Technical Director


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