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Send, receive, Driver & Passenger Payments Easily

Built for Making payments in the taxi sector seamless for Operators -Drivers -Passengers.

One platform dispersal for Taxi operators to pay all their drivers daily and simply on one portal.

Pay all your drivers in a few clicks and let Lynkpay send, receive payments.

Passenger in car Payments made frictionless with Lynkpay’s QR code service or SMS link payment. Scan the Qr in car or from the Taxi Driver or click on the SMS and Pay from your mobile device via Apple/google payment services

How a Driver uses the LynkPay QR App for in-car payments

The QR App default page is the Code Generator, simply enter the amount required to pay and hit generate. The passenger has the option to scan an in-car sticker and then enter the unique 4-digit code or simply scan the QR on the driver’s device to make the payment.

How Lynkpay's software payment services help Innovate these Taxi fleets!

Our Team at LynkPay are payment innovators which can deliver the best payment solution for your business need for today’s fast-growing market in the digital world of payments. The core team has 20+ years within IT and software design / Development.

Lynkpay has built and design cash kiosks with software to talk to the backend system, Payment & dispersal solutions for the UK Taxi transportation sector.

What makes Lynkpay different, payment types including using open banking services. 

Lynkpay was the first to adapted Open banking PISP within the taxi payment services, allowing operators to ether pay or be paid from their drivers.

The core software design idea was back in 2020 and the team started the software build later in that year. 

Beta Testing Jan 2021 to March 2021 with market release Sept 2021. National release early November 2021 to now scale in the UK.

The company has refined its management back-end portal systems and now got a driver app on the OS/Android stores.

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Lynkpay Portal


Key Features & Benefits

Taxi Operator Management


Fusion is our driver lockout feature within Lynkpay’s payment control software portal


Multi Day Pay-Out


Daily approval and posting of your dockets in your dispatch system gives you full control over driver pay-out. Drivers will only be paid once they are in credit. (Weekly debt or commissions covered).

Drivers can be paid directly to their bank account or to our QR App. The whole pay-out process is done in less than a minute. Simply sync Lynkpay Portal with your dispatch system and hit the pay button.

Lynkpay Driver App

Key Features & Benefits

Key Features & Benefits

Taxi Drivers


New Driver Pay-in Feature

You can now pay into the office at any time using your Lynkpay QR App. Tap the Profile icon and you will see the Pay-In option.

Lynkpay Passenger Payments

Key Features & Benefits


In Car Payments via SMS

When you swipe to turn the meter on, Lynkpay sends an SMS to your passenger’s mobile informing them that they can pay with Apple/Google or card entry at the end of the journey.

Once the passenger confirms, your job will then change from cash to E Payment.

When you swipe to confirm the meter price, a second message will be sent to the customer and they will open the payment page on their own phone.

When the payment is complete you will receive notification and your Driver app will automatically clear down for your next job.

App Driver invite

Invite all your drivers to download the Lynkpay Qr app from the Apple or Google store with our one press invite all button.

Your drivers will receive an email containing all the details required to sign in and get instant access to..


Generate extra income

Process day price match sets a fee for your drivers for the day that you process. This is set by you to either cover the cost or pass it on to the driver. On any other day the driver is charged £1.00 to withdraw funds. We credit you with 30p every time an extra payment is taken by a driver.

cash out
credit you with 30p every time an extra payment is taken by a driver.

We Prioritize Transaction Security

Qr /SMS payments

Acquiring payment services is handled from our partners --

Open banking Payments

Operators can utilise Lynkpay’s open banking payment railing –

No Hidden Fees

Lynkpay has a monthly service subscription and payment fees –

No Hidden Fees

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World Class Support

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Expert Support –

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Expert Support

Lynkpay has an active support channel for all live operator clients and overlaps this with our banking payment partners SLA agreements. -

Merchant Account

Lynkpay has Merchant account service set with Stripe Pay –



  • Download the app from the link your office sends you

  • Place your driver ID and pin

  • Add a bank account to receive funds

  • Get started to take Qr payments or receive your Operator account work payments

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QR App In-car payments

The QR App default page is the Code Generator, simply enter the amount required to pay and hit generate. The passenger has the option to scan an in-car sticker and then enter the unique 4 digit code or simply scan the Qr on the driver's device to make the payment.

The passenger service charge is automatically added to the price and just to let you know; All your Stripe costs on Qr code payments less than £20 / £15 via SMS will be covered* by the passenger service charge. (UK VISA/Mastercard standard debit or credit).

A full list of transactions is displayed inside the Qr App and an email receipt is also sent directly to the driver on every payment taken.

Multiple UK bank accounts can also be added so that your drivers can pay out to wherever they choose to. Just select the amount and the required bank and press Cash-Out.

What Our Clients Said

Need-A-Cab Plymouth.
Need-A-Cab Plymouth.

Liam Sheerin General Manager

“Our drivers are paid out five times a week Monday through Friday and they no longer refuse credit work. It literally is as simple as pressing three buttons and the payments are done.”

Adam Stanton
Adam Stanton

Value Cars Basildon

The guys at drivers pay have been nothing but great to me. If i have had any queries they have been dealt with straight away. The product itself has been great and helped me organise and deal finance issues perfectly! Highly recommend!

Noda Taxis
Noda Taxis

Sully Shahdad – Partner /operations Team

Lynkpay Service is brilliant in all aspects of Drivers Payments. I would recommend to all.

Wednesfield Taxis
Wednesfield Taxis

Tim Sharman – Operational Manager

Our taxi company was the first to pilot the Driverspay Kiosk and utilised Fusion software, now our business has taken Lynkpay which has changed our daily operational processing to save time and make us more effective with payments to our drivers, also Lynkpay’s Qr/SMS payments for passengers to pay via Apple/Google Pay services.

Fayyaz Sayed
Fayyaz Sayed

Operational Director /Partner

Lynk Pay has massively streamlined our business and helped us offer a simple and easy solution for our drivers & customers. We now pay our drivers multiple times in the week by a touch of a button via the drivers pay portal. Drivers can now pay weekly rents through the Lynk Pay QR app without coming to the office. This has increased our business automation and reduced staffing work load. We now offer our customers apple pay & Google pay in car without purchasing extra devices, this Lynkpay Qr service is growing week by week as Oakwell has embraced the service for our passengers. Lynkpay has made running our business easier, faster and very transparent for our commercial operations team.

Hull taxis
Hull taxis

Our financial controller Gemma immediately saw the advantages over the system we were then currently using. Also at that time we were changing dispatch system suppliers from iCabbi to Autocab. Andy, having previously worked for Autocab, was invaluable in helping us iron out several teething issues with the Autocab system.

David Smith
David Smith

(Hull Cars) Corporate Accounts & Customer Service Director

We decided to go with Lynkpay and it was one of the best decisions we have made. It is certainly not a new and raw offering and I don’t know how we ever managed without it. Now all of our 300+ driver credits can be transferred over to our drivers accounts with 1 click of the mouse. We can make several transfers during the course of the week now if required which drivers like. Drivers also prefer the ease of having easy access to their credits via their Lynkpay wallet.

Meet The Team



CEO / CFO – Co Founder



Executive Director / Co-Founder



CTO /CIO – Chief technology officer

Carlos Figueredo

Carlos Figueredo

COO – Chief Operations Officer


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